40 Butterfly Nail Designs to Inspire Your Spring and Summer Style

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Welcome to a world of beautiful nail art inspired by butterflies! As spring brings out vibrant colors, let’s explore these charming butterfly nail designs.

butterfly nail designs

Whether you like long or short nails, acrylic enhancements, or classic French tips, there’s something for everyone.

In this blog post, you’ll discover easy and elegant ways to incorporate butterfly motifs into your manicure.

From soft pastels to calming blues and royal purples, these butterfly nail designs capture the essence of spring.

Let’s make your nails flutter with style!

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1. Long Hot Pink French Butterfly Nails

Long Hot Pink French Butterfly Nails


Pink nails with butterflies! Need I say more? This design is so pretty, and the long square shape allows the butterflies to flutter gracefully on the tips.

2. Stiletto Butterfly Nail Art Design

Stiletto Butterfly Nail Art Design


These yellow and black nails remind me of the beautiful monarch butterfly. Painted on a stiletto nail this design showcases the butterfly wings perfectly. 

3. Holographic Butterfly Nails

Holographic Butterfly Nails


If you’re a fan of all things sparkly, you’ll love these holographic butterfly nails. The butterfly is painted over the two middle nails, shimmering as it seems to flutter in the light.

40. Rainbow Holo Jelly Butterfly Wing Nails

rainbow holo jelly butterfly wing nails


I’m obsessed with these jelly holo nails. The black butterfly wings painted over a pastel gradient is just heavenly. 

5. Clear Chrome Butterfly Nails

clear chrome butterfly nails


These long square acrylic nails play with both texture and design. They’re decorated with 3D butterfly nail charms. Adding a modern twist to the classic butterfly nail design.

6. Classic French Tips + Tiny Butterflies

Classic French Tips + Tiny Butterflies


Take a simple French mani up a notch by adding tiny butterfly stickers to your nails. Try a variety of pastel colors to match your spring outfits. 

7. French Tip Butterfly Accent Nails

French Tip Butterfly Accent Nails


A painted almond French tip is the perfect canvas for an accent butterfly design. This gorgeous nail art is hand painted but is easy to create with a stamping plate. 

8. Flutterby Glitter Nails

Flutterby Glitter Nails


Make your mark with blue glitter nails, stamped with a stunning butterfly design. Plus, the background of the butterflies adds an extra layer of shimmer. 

9. Chevron French Butterfly Nails

Chevron French Butterfly Nails


Another unique take on the French manicure sees long square gel nails with pink V-tips. While hand-drawn pastel butterflies flutter over the nails.

10. Pink & Lavender Butterfly Nails

Pink & Lavender Butterfly Nails


Can’t choose between pink and purple? Don’t worry, you can have both! Alternate between pink and lavender then splash your nails with butterfly stickers. Alternatively, have your nail tech paint your butterflies on.

11. Rainbow French Butterfly Nails

Rainbow French Butterfly Nails


Rainbow French is the definition of spring and summer nails. Combine pastel color French tips and butterfly nail art. This creates a nail design that’s perfect for the season.

12. Clear Acrylic Coffin Butterfly Beauties

Clear Acrylic Coffin Butterfly Beauties


If long clear coffin nails are your thing, then you’ll want to copy these nails. Fun butterfly nail art pops on this clear baddie nail design. 

13. Black & White Butterfly Frenchies

Black & White Butterfly Frenchies


Black and white are the perfect colors for minimalism and simplicity. Alternate the colors of your French tips and butterfly design. This will make a simple but bold statement. 

14. Barbiecore Butterfly Nails

Barbiecore Butterfly Nails


We all know the Barbiecore trend is here to stay. So, get ready to Barbiefy your nails with pink and a glitter butterfly design that Barbie would approve of! 

15. Blue Butterfly Nail Art

Blue Butterfly Nail Art


These squoval nails are an absolute dream! I love how the blue butterflies and gold foil pop off the milky base. Perfect for anyone who loves classy nails. 

16. Hand Painted Butterfly Nail Art

Hand Painted Butterfly Nail Art


You’d need to have a steady hand if you wanted to paint these butterflies yourself. Alternatively, get your nail tech to try their hand at it. But definitely give them a try! 

17. Acrylic Butterfly Nail Tutorial

Acrylic Butterfly Nail Tutorial


Wow! Learn to paint a butterfly now on a long coffin-shaped base for easier sizing.

18. Short Almond Butterfly Nail Design

Short Almond Butterfly Nail Design


A natural nail is the perfect canvas for orange butterfly nail art. Paint the wings on the middle two nails, and when you bring them together, it creates a cohesive butterfly design.

19. Rainbow Butterfly Nail Art

Rainbow Butterfly Nail Art


If you love pastel rainbows, then this nail design is for you. Each nail sports a colorful butterfly reminding us of the beautiful springtime hues. 

20. Leaf Butterfly Nail Design

Leaf Butterfly Nail Design


This nail design gives a new twist on butterfly nail art. This time with the butterfly wings painted as leaves. It’s a cozy design paired with autumnal colors to ring in the fall season

21. Blue Butterfly French Tip Nails

Blue Butterfly French Tip Nails


The French tip manicure is such a classic that it pairs well with any other design. Adding blue butterflies takes this mani to another level. But you can choose any color you love. 

22. Golden Butterfly Frenchies

golden butterfly frenchies


When I say these nails remind me of a golden goddess, I really mean it. The ethereal design on the tip of a short almond nail is something I’ve never seen before, but I’m in love! 

23. Magical Butterfly Wing Nails

magical butterfly wing nails


Here’s more winged beauties but this time they’re giving off fairy vibes. The chrome sparkle effect is subtle but magical. 

24. Hand Painted Pastel Butterfly Tutorial

hand painted pastel butterflies tutorial


Soft pastels on a clear base takes this butterfly nail design to the next level. If you love this look too, follow the tutorial to learn how to paint it.

25. Black Chevron French Butterfly Nails

Black Chevron French Butterfly Nails


Chevron tips are a popular design. Pair it with black butterfly wings on coffin shaped nails for a sassy monochrome nail look.

26. Short Green Butterfly Nails

Short Green Butterfly Nails


These short neutral glitter nails are giving minimalistic vibes. And the use of scattered green butterflies takes the clean girl aesthetic up a notch for spring. 

27. Painted Glass Butterfly Wings

Painted Glass Butterfly Wings


If you want to know what painted glass butterfly wings looks like, look no further! These textured nails are colorful and you need them! 

28. Pink Accent Butterfly French

Pink Accent Butterfly French


Yes, more French tips nails! I mean what was I thinking, but I love them. Because pink, that’s why! 

29. Gold & Blue Butterfly Nails

gold and blue butterfly nails


I mean obsessed would be an understatement! These short gold nails with blue butterflies are sophisticated and timeless.

30. Silver Glitterfly Nails

Silver Glitterfly Nails


Can you ever have too much glitter? Our answer is no! So, grab the glitter polish and flutterby your nails to the max. The more the merrier!

31. Summer neon Butterfly Nails

neon butterfly nails


Neon is all the rage, especially at summertime. So, if you want to get your nails ready for the heat, these neon butterfly nails are perfect for you!

32. Marble Chrome Butterfly Nails

Marble Chrome Butterfly Nails


These stiletto nails mix marble and color in a stunning way. I love the use of gold outlines to frame the butterfly and marble effect.

33. Summer Butterfly French Tip Nails

breathtaking summer butterfly nails


This must be my all-time favorite butterfly nail design. The mint butterfly tips create a chic and feminine look to die for!

34. Glitter Abstract Butterfly Nail Art

Glitter Abstract Butterfly Nail Art


Get creative with your nails by adding glitter in an abstract way. The metallic colors are the perfect canvas for butterflies to pop off.

35. Purple Butterfly Nail Designs

Purple Butterfly Nail Designs


If purple is your color, you’re going to love this reverse French butterfly design. Instead of wings on your tips, they’re peeping up from the cuticle. What a playful idea!

36. Hand Painted Monarch Short Butterfly Nails

handpainted monarch butterfly nails


For a more sophisticated and classier look consider short solid nails. A deep burgundy along with two hand painted butterflies keeps this look minimal and chic.

37. Marble Butterfly Nails

Marble Butterfly Nails


More marble nails, but these are soft and delicate. The gold hand-painted lines create the appearance of vines on the nails. While the butterflies dance across it with grace.

38. Chrome + Pink Butterfly Nails

chrome and pink butterfly nails


If Barbie were a fairy these would be her nails! The mix of chrome and bright pink over an almond shape nail is goals.

39. Pink & Blue Accent Butterfly Nails

Pink & Blue Accent Butterfly Nails


How magical is this butterfly wing nail art? I love how the pink and blue blend together like the perfect ombre in the butterfly wing design.

40. Neutral Stiletto Butterfly Nail Designs

Neutral Stiletto Butterfly Nail Designs


Lastly, we have this gorgeous nude nail. These are perfect if you’re looking for a subtle nail design. Add a simple butterfly decal or stamped design to finish off this look for spring.



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