37 Easter Nail Ideas to Inspire Your Holiday Outfit

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Step into spring with a fresh manicure! Explore our collection of vibrant Easter nail ideas to elevate your style this season.

Now that St Patrick’s Day celebrations are over and Easter is just around the corner, it’s time to get your nails ready for the next holiday.

Show off your fun side with these Easter-inspired nail looks that are sure to make you stand out!

To spruce up your outfit you’ll want to add some color and sparkle to your nails.

Choose from cute character designs to dainty pastel shades, to find the perfect Easter nail design for you!

You can achieve these nail art designs on long or short nails.

So, get ready to wow everyone with your new Easter nails!

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1. Speckled Eggs Easter Nails


These Easter nails mimic speckled eggs with pastel colors and black dots. Paint your nails light colors, then dab black polish with an old nail brush for the speckled effect.

2. Easter Bunny and Floral Tips


If you love playful Easter nail designs, these nails will steal your heart. The soft lavender base and delicate floral patterns give off a feminine vibe. Plus, there’s a cute bunny accent.

3. Cute Baby Chick Nail Art


Learn how to create this adorable chick nail art featuring a bright yellow chick against a soft blue background. The design is sweet and simple for spring.

4. Muted Pastel Easter Bunny Nails


If you’re not into bright pastels, opt for a muted Easter design with soft lilac, grey, pink, and mint tones. Paint bunny silhouettes on each nail and delicate botanical patterns.

5. Floral Watercolor Nail Design


You might think these nails are hard to copy, but they’re made using Sharpies and rubbing alcohol. The soft colors blended together creates a beautiful watercolor floral effect for spring.

6. Pastel French Tips


French tip nails will always be popular, but switch it up with pastels of your choice to match your spring wardrobe. The result is a fresh, modern take on a classic.

7. Pink Easter Nail Art


As you might know by now, pink is my favorite color, just like these dreamy gradient Easter nails. They’re beautifully accented with white polka dots and a subtle bunny design, adding a whimsical touch to the varied pink hues.

8. Easter Egg Nails


You can’t have Easter without Easter eggs, so why not sport them on your nails. A simple stripe and polka dot design in a pastel palette creates the cutest Easter egg nails.

9. Peeps Marshmallow Nail Art


These nails look good enough to eat with their candy-colored Peeps and dotty accents. Perfect for a sweet Easter touch!

10. Pastel Gingham Easter Nails


I love how subtle these check nails are, blending sweetly with a springtime vibe. Check out the tutorial for this pastel gingham design!

11. Pink Bunny Nails

Pink Bunny nails


Another bunny design because you can never have too many; this one’s sweet in pink. Plus, there’s a video tutorial to follow, or you can get the press on nails!

12. Chevron Easter Egg Nails


Here’s another vibrant Easter look, with chevron patterns and playful polka dots. Nail the season’s cheer with these!

13. Hot Cross Buns


How cute are these hot cross buns, celebrating the real reason for the season with their cross design.

14. Bunny French Tip Nails


A simple bunny design adds charm to these French tips. Perfect for a playful Easter look!

15. Thumper Easter Nail Art

thumper easter nail art


How about adding Thumper nail art across your nails for an adorable Disney touch this Easter? It’s cute and so seasonal!

16. Pastel Rainbow Nails

pastel rainbow nail design


More pastels, but this time each nail is painted in solid colors, creating a soft rainbow at your fingertips. The look is elegant and playfully sophisticated for spring.

17. Glitter Ombré Easter Nails


How cute are these embossed Easter nails sporting daisies and a simple little bunny against a pastel ombre backdrop. Add glitter for a sparkling finishing touch!

18. Flower Power Nails


Flowers are perfect for the spring season, so if you want to add a simple touch to perfectly manicured nails, paint a smiley flower on one. It’s a fun nod to the ‘flower power’ vibe.

19. Pretty Flowers Nail Design


This pretty floral design is perfect for spring and Easter festivities. Lavender hues and sprinkle-like dots celebrate the season like a breath of fresh air.

20. Easter Pastel Ombré Nails


I love pastel nails, but these pastel ombre nails take the Easter look to the next level. They’re soft, elegant, and perfectly seasonal.

21. Dotty Pastel Swirl Nails

dotty pastel swirls


Dots and swirls, need I say more? This abstract design is reminiscent of Easter eggs with a chic, modern twist. Fresh pastel hues make every dot pop!

22. Spring Flowers Nail Art


OMBeautiful! These nails bloom with delicate spring flowers against a backdrop of pastel French tips. They’re fresh, fun, and perfect for springtime.

23. Hatching Chick Nails


If you’re looking for a simple nail design, paint your nails yellow then add an accent nail with a hatching chick. Perfect for Easter or welcoming spring!

24. Kawaii Bunny Nails


If you’re a fan of kawaii designs, then you’ll adore these bunny nails with their pink and white on short stiletto nails. They’re playful and cute for a whimsical touch.

25. Easter Egg Nail Art


More hatching chicks, this time nestled among colorful polka dots for a festive Easter vibe. There’s also a tutorial so you can recreate this playful look at home!

26. Pastel Gradient Polkadots


If you prefer a more minimalistic look, paint your nails with a clear coat and dot pastel polish in a soft gradient pattern. It’s a simple yet feminine design for spring.

27. Glitter Peeps Nails


Marshmallow Peeps, need I say more? These nails sparkle with fun, featuring colorful glitter bunny silhouettes against a shimmery background.

28. Pastel Blue Flower Nails


I can’t get enough of flowers in spring, not just their scent but their beauty. Just like these white florals on blue tips. It’s so fresh for a sunny day out.

29. Pastel Candy Easter Nails


So we’ve had pastel rainbows, but now it’s candy time! Pinks and blues with added glitter make these nails simple but perfect for Easter. They’re like little sweets for your fingertips!

30. Cute Easter Bunny Tips

cute easter bunny tips


These cute Easter Bunny French tips are the epitome of spring charm, with their playful rabbit design peeking over a classic pink base. It’s an adorable twist on a timeless style!

31. Neon Confetti Nails


Add a sprinkle of confetti to your nails for a simple but bold statement. The bright neon dots bring a pop of joy to a neutral base making them fun for springtime.

32. Simple Floral Nails


For a more subtle look, opt for pink and lilac nails adorned with dainty white flowers. It’s a fresh look you can wear all spring long.

33. Little Easter Carrots


A carroty pattern mani for Easter is just perfect, with small orange and green strokes on a white base. Pair with bright orange nails for a festive touch!

34. Pastel Rainbow Gradient Nails


These gradient Easter nails are not only gorgeous but easy to recreate with your favorite pastel polishes, using a makeup sponge for blending and an Easter stamping plate. The elongated nail length showcases the design beautifully!

35. Mini Eggs Nail Design


These nails are egg-stra special, with a blend of soft pastel colors and subtle spots resembling delightful mini Easter eggs. The design is sweet and perfect for a springtime look!

36. Pastel Ombré French Tips


One way to make a bold statement is with a pastel gradient design on your tips, where the colors blend across each nail. The gentle transition of colors resemble a calm spring sky.

37. Cute Easter French Manicure


Finally, we have this super cute pastel French manicure sporting mini daisies and an accent bunny on the cuticle. The almond nail shape adds an elegant touch to this festive spring design.



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