35 Pastel Spring Nails That Will Blossom Your Beauty

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Embrace the blooming beauty of the season with these pastel spring nails!

pastel spring nails

If you’re tired of winter like I am, it’s time to shake off the cold, dreary days and prepare for the vibrant beauty of spring!

As the days grow longer and the temperature begins to rise, there’s no better way to embrace the season than by splashing your nails with fresh and inspiring designs.

Say goodbye to those dark, wintery hues and hello to the colorful world of spring nail art.

Whether you like short or long, almond, or ballet-shaped nails, we’ve got you covered with an array of spring nail ideas.

From pastel French tip nails to floral designs and whimsical butterfly nail art.

So, let’s get ready to blossom into spring with a burst of creativity at our fingertips!

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1. Pastel French Tip Nails

Pastel Spring French Tip Nails


These nails define spring! Each one has a different pastel shade, creating a cheerful, Easter-egg vibe.

2. Rainbow Floral Frenchies

Rainbow Floral Frenchies


Combine your love for florals and rainbows in this vibrant nail art. The base is soft pink, with colorful flowers scattered on the tips.

3. French Pastels Nail Design

French Pastels Nail Design


These nails put a creative spin on the classic French mani by using vibrant pastel colors on the tips and cuticle area, leaving the rest of the nail clear.

4. Fun Florals Nail Art

Fun Florals Nail Art


Add a touch of nature to your nails with floral designs in yellow. It’s like a mini spring festival on your fingertips!

5. Green Daisy Spring Nails

Green Daisy Spring Nails


Green daisy nails are the perfect spring shade, with tiny daisies on two accent nails for a fresh touch.

6. Pastel Side French Acrylic

Pastel Side French Acrylic


These pastel side French nails are so much fun! They feature soft colors at the tips of long acrylic nails, giving them a playful and chic appearance.

7. Spring Color Palette

Spring Color Palette


For those with shorter nails, this spring color palette combines lilac, soft pink, and coral for an elegant yet subtle look.

8. Flower Girl Spring Nails

Flower Girl Spring Nails


I adore these beautiful nails with delicate pastel flowers. The sheer base and muted colors are ultra-feminine and neutral.

9. Square Spring Florals Mani

Square Spring Florals Mani


These square nails, painted in soft pastel yellow and adorned with lovely flowers, perfectly embody the springtime spirit.

10. Pastel Abstract Spring Swirls

Pastel Abstract Spring Swirls


I adore these almond-shaped nails, featuring soft, flowing colors like lilac, peach, and buttery yellow. They’re elegant and ideal for the warmer days of spring.

11. Checkerboard Spring Nails

Checkerboard Nails


Get a trendy spring look with these checkerboard nails in pretty pastel colors. The nails are short, making them both stylish and practical for everyday use.

12. Flower French Tip Nails

Flower French Tips Nails


This pretty nail art features soft pastel flowers on clear nails. Add some elegant rings to compliment your look.

13. Pastel Chrome Spring Nails

Pastel Chrome Nails


Each finger has a different pastel color with a metallic shine, making them sparkle. The long, almond-shaped nails add an elegant and modern touch.

14. Watercolor Spring Nail Design

watercolor spring nail design


Imagine turning watercolor paintings into nail art; that’s what these nails do. They blend pink and blue colors on coffin-shaped nails, creating a heavenly artwork.

15. Cute Spring Flower Nails

Cute Spring Flower Nails


Florals are perfect for spring, like these cute floral designs on almond-shaped nails. They add a lovely touch of nature’s beauty to your look.

16. Pink + Peach Spring Nails

Pink + Peach Spring Nails


Peach is the ideal spring color, bringing warmth and sweetness to these pink and peach nails. The squoval nail shape goes well with the season’s light and breezy fashion.

17. Pastel Abstract Spring Nails

Pastel Abstract Spring Nails


These pastel nails with mini flowers and abstract colors give off a laid-back, hippie vibe. The long, stiletto shape adds an edgy touch to the soft pastels, perfect for free-spirited individuals.

18. Yellow Spring Nails

Yellow Spring Nails


Sunshine yellow and daisies shine on these nails, bringing happiness for sunny days. The elegant almond shape adds sophistication to your spring style.

19. Spring Swirls Manicure

Spring Swirls Manicure


Pink is the perfect color for channeling those spring vibes. If you’re also a fan, then you’ll love these soft pink, lilac and gold swirls on a long coffin base.

20. Butterfly Spring French Tip Nails

Butterfly Spring French Tip Nails


Butterflies are ideal for spring, like these nails. The soft pink base with purple and silver tips, along with a detailed butterfly on the ring finger, looks lovely.

21. Spring Cherry Picnic Nails

Spring Cherry Picnic Nails


Imagine picnicking with these cherry-themed nails. The long, coffin-shaped nails have playful cherry heart designs on a pink background.

22. Ombre Spring Nails

Ombre Spring Nails


These ombre nails are just darling, blending pastel colors seamlessly like the gentle change in spring skies.

23. Spring Collection Manicure

Spring Collection Manicure


Long almond nails are perfect for showcasing spring’s soft pastel colors, painted differently with lilac, peach, and mint green.

24. Pastel Abstract Nails For Spring

Pastel Abstract Nails For Spring


These gorgeous nails have a beautiful abstract design with pastel shades on each nail, like a modern art piece or a sunrise.

25. Pretty Daisy French Nails

Pretty Daisy French Nails


A classic French manicure with purple tips and white daisies gives a fresh spring look, like lavender fields in bloom. It adds a touch of nature’s serenity to everyday.

26. Spring Strawberry Nails

Spring Strawberry Nails


Strawberries and spring are a match made in manicure heaven. Red strawberry decals on a pink checkerboard pattern create a fresh and sweet look.

27. Speckled Abstract Easter Nails

Speckled Abstract Easter Nails


We can’t forget Easter nails during springtime – they bring a fun, festive vibe with pastel gradients and delicate speckles.

28. Purple Daisy Spring Nails

Purple Daisy Spring Nails


These nails are adorable with their soft lavender hue and delicate white daisies on the accent nail. Adding an elegant, fresh and floral touch.

29. Pastel Skittle Daisy Nails

Skittle Daisy Nails


Each nail is the perfect canvas to display these cute daisy designs in pastel colors. From baby blue to soft pink these florals are a perfect reminder of spring.

30. Barbie Pink Spring Nails

Barbie Pink Spring Nails


Girls love Barbie for her stylish look, and these Barbie pink nails capture her fashionable vibe. They have bright pink tips and pretty floral accents.

31. Diamond Daisy Spring Nail Art

Diamond Daisy Spring Nail Art


These diamond daisy nails blend diamonds and flowers. From sunny yellows to serene blues, creating an elegant spring nail look.

32. Pastel Gingham Spring French Mani

Gingham Spring French Mani


The pastel gingham French manicure gives a new twist to the timeless gingham print. Each nail featuring a different pastel color, perfect for pairing with a breezy linen dress for your spring.

33. Pastel Rainbow Confetti Nails

Rainbow Confetti Nails


These rainbow nails feature pastel shades like yellow, pink, green, and blue, with confetti specks. Achieve this fun look with a pastel base coat and confetti nail polish.

34. Matte Pastel Spring Nails

Matte Pastel Nails


Matte pastel nails are ideal for the season, with smooth, soft colors. Achieve this look by applying pastel polishes and a matte top coat for a stylish, chic finish.

35. Blue Spring Nails

Blue Spring Nails


I love these fresh blue daisy nails. They blend sky blue with white accents, and a floral accent nail design. Blue isn’t just for cool tones; it works well for warm spring manicures too.



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