27 Girly Coquette Nails That Are Stylish And Sassy

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If you’re looking to add that extra wow factor to your nails, look no further. These coquette nails perfectly embody all things girly and are simply charming.

coquette nails

From bow nail designs to heart accents and beautiful pearls, get ready to explore the coquette nail trend that’s all over social media!

Get inspired by lilacs and florals from the cottagecore trend, as well as pinks and bows from the balletcore trend.

Whether you’re into sweet strawberries or pearly glazed donut nails, there’s something to satisfy every coquette aesthetic craving.

So, grab your favorite nail polish and let’s explore the enchanting realm of coquette nail Ideas together!

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1. Cyber Pink Coquette Nails

Pink Cyber Coquette Nails


I love how fun and futuristic these nails look. You can use a gel pen to create the 3D designs that make the nails pop. Making it flirty with a high-tech feel.

2. Tiny Bow Coquette Nail Design

Tiny Bow Coquette Nails


Look at these adorable nails! With delicate black bows and pink French tips, they’re playful yet feminine. Don’t you agree?

3. Pink Coquette Nail Tutorial

Pink Coquette Nail Tutorial


Check out this tutorial to create nails that blend soft pink with a checkered pattern and nail pearls. And don’t forget that tiny 3D bow—it’s the perfect girly accent!

4. Coquette Baddie Nails

Coquette Baddie Nails


The baddie aesthetic shines with these nails, featuring black fishnet patterns and sweet pink bows for a cute aesthetic touch.

5. Cottagecore Coquette

Cottagecore Coquette Nails


If the thought of fairies and butterflies brings you joy, you’ll love this charming Cottagecore coquette nail design.

6. Glazed Pearl Coquette Nails

Glazed Pearl Coquette Nails


Glazed donut nails adorned with pearls elevate this stunning nail design from simple to irresistibly flirtatious.

7. Cream Pearl French Coquette

White Gold French Coquette


These cream pearl nails are anything but boring. The glossy sheen polish, pearl details and charming pink bow makes them perfect for a girly girl.

8. Blue French Coquette Bows

Blue French Coquette Bows


I love how perfect these baby blue French tips look on ballerina-shaped nails. But don’t forget to add a silver bow to each nail for that extra feminine touch.

9. Pearls & Bows Nail Design

Pearls & Bows Nail Design


Pearls and bows go hand in hand for the coquette look of your dreams. This look will make you feel like an absolute princess.

10. Delicate Coquette Nail Tutorial

Delicate Coquette Nail Tutorial


Give your fingertips a touch of floral love with these hand-painted coquette designs. With florals, pearls, and bows, what more could a girl ask for?

11. Princess Coquette Nail Art

coquette princess nails


What I love about these nails is the mix of pink tones and shiny details. The bows, butterflies and sparkle adds to the princess vibes.

12. Pink Coquette Nail Design

Pink Feminine Nail Design


I love how these press on coquette nails bring out a clean, girly look. The soft pink color and delicate white accents enhance their beauty.

13. Aesthetic Coquette Cloud Nails

coquette clouds


Have these nails got your head in the clouds like they do ours? They’re dreamy with soft clouds and tiny gold stars. Float through your day with this sky-inspired mani.

14. Lavender Coquette Floral Nails

Girly Lavender Floral Nails


Keep your nails sweet and simple with lavender polish and dainty florals. It’s a coquette match made in heaven.

15. Girly Coquette Aesthetic Nails

Girly Coquette Aesthetic Nails


These nails are giving full-on Bridgerton vibes with their pearlescent pink and girly details. They’re perfect for tea parties or a graceful day out.

16. Coquette Chrome Blush Nails

Chrome Blush Nails with gel 3D


A little bit of pink, a little bit of chrome, and a lot of girly fun – that’s what these nails are all about. These airbrushed nails are so cute and totally giving off Barbie vibes!

17. Pink Jelly Christmas Coquette Nails


I love how the snowflakes and sweater tips make these long jelly nails the perfect pink winter wonderland look.

18. Black French Tip Coquette Nails

black French tip nails with bow


Add a pretty bow to simple black French tip nails for a classy and sophisticated look.

19. Strawberry Coquette Nails


Keeping with the cottagecore trend are these sweet strawberry nails, perfect for a fresh, natural look. The 3D pearls and bows add an extra girly touch.

20. Angelcore Fall Pumpkins


There’s just something so cute about pink pumpkin French tips. It’s so perfect for the fall season while the bow detail adds to the romantic look.

21. Red Chrome Coquette Nail Idea

red chrome coquette


If you’re a red girl and you’re looking for a Christmas nail idea, try these chrome beauties with ribboned detail. It’s cute and classy for holiday festivities!

22. Coquette Sparkles & Pearls

glitter and pearls nails


Glitter + pearls = coquette heaven! Your nails will have that soft sparkle and sweet pearl drops for a subtle glam look. They’re low-key but stunning for everyday wear!

23. Glazed Donut French Tip Coquettes


If you love the Hailey Bieber-inspired glazed donut look, then you’ll adore this mani. It’s literally glazed bows, pearls, and French tips all in one – such a soft glam vibe!

24. White French Coquette Nails

White French Coquette Nails


If you prefer a minimal look but love the long nails, then these white French tips with a single pink bow are for you. They’re simple and elegant with a hint of tiny pearls.

25. Pink & Milky White Coquettes

pink and milky white coquettes


Nothing says coquette girly like these pink and milky white nails with iridescent accents. The glam level is next level!

26. Clean Girl Coquette Aesthetic

clean girl aesthetic


Want to be extra feminine without going overboard? Try these classic clean girl nails. The added pink bows up the cute factor on these gorgeous nails!

27. Pink Chrome Coquette Nails

pink chrome coquette nails


Channel your inner princess with these pink chrome nails; they’re all about that shimmer. The tutorial will show you how to turn a clear bow into a fab pink accent, perfect for that coquette look.



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