43 Festive Christmas Nail Designs To Wear For the Holidays

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Looking for easy holiday nail ideas? You’re in the right place! We have lots of Christmas nail designs to inspire you.

Christmas nail designs

We’ll explore a wide range of Christmas nail designs from acrylic masterpieces to simple options for those short on time.

Whether you’re getting ready for Christmas parties, decorating a Christmas tree, or just enjoying the holiday season after Thanksgiving, we have something for you.

From classic red and green designs to whimsical snowflakes and festive ornaments, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

We’ll get into the latest Christmas nail trends and provide you with plenty of Christmas nail inspiration to make your holiday season extra special.

So, get ready to deck the halls with the perfect set of festive Christmas nails that will leave you feeling joyful and fabulous all season long.


1. Sparkly Red Christmas Nails


Short red Christmas nails are perfect for the festive season. You can take them up a notch by adding some glitter for extra sparkle.

2. Christmas Gift Almond Nail Design


Turn your nails into the perfect Christmas gift by adding a bow to an accent nail. Pair it with red French tips lined with gold glitter for a fabulous holiday look.

3. Christmas Nail Art


Check out this cute peppermint nail art with a candy cane charm! For a cohesive look, consider including mint blue, red, and white nails to bring it together.

4. Short Matte Candy Cane Nails


If you love candy canes, you’ll adore these red and white striped nails. They might not be edible, but they sure look sweet!

5. Red Scallop Nails Tutorial


For a charming Christmas nail idea, consider a simple nude base with a scalloped edge French tip. This looks lovely on short nails and pairs perfectly with gold jewelry.

6. Pink Peppermint Frenchies


These pink coffin Frenchies are stunning, especially with the vibrant pink peppermint accent nail! If you’re all about a pink Christmas, these nails are definitely for you.

7. Cozy Christmas Sweater Nails


Get those cozy sweater vibes with these nails. A sweater nail print in grey and gold adds warm festive flair. This nail art is super easy for anyone to achieve using a nail art stamp.

8. Cute Minimal Acrylic Christmas Nails


For a minimal vibe, think about opting for long square nude nails with hand-painted Christmas designs on the tips. It’s a look your nail tech can easily create, and you’ll love rocking this design.

9. Gorgeous Black Christmas Nails Tutorial

gorgeous black Christmas nails tutorial


Break away from the traditional red and green Christmas theme and go bold with black and white nails. Infuse the festive spirit by adding peppermint swirls, glitter, and holly for a stylish holiday look.

10. Glazed French Holiday Nails 

glazed French holiday nails


Popularized by Hailey Bieber, these glazed donut nails suit anyone, especially if you prefer almond-shaped nails. Elevate the design by adding red tips for an extra stylish touch.

11. Snow Globe Nails


Who needs a snow globe at home when you can have one painted on your nails! These nails feature the cutest snow globe nails in a blend of red, green, and gold.

12. Festive Greenery Nail Art


Embrace a classy vibe with simple neutral nails adorned with greenery and holly berries. The finishing touch of white dots resembles snow, making these nails dreamy and festive for the season.

13. Christmas Stocking Nails


For a burst of color without going overboard, try the Christmas stocking-inspired nails. Start with a white base, then paint the top two-thirds of the nail in red.

14. Christmas Cookie Swirl Nails


How about these Christmas cookie swirls on your nails? Complete with sprinkle tips, these nail art delights look good enough to eat!

15. Short Christmas Holly Berries


These mistletoe nails with red berries were inspired by a plate design, and they turned out absolutely darling. Greens, pops of red, and the finishing touch of black and white detailing makes this nail art stand out beautifully.

16. Emerald Green Pinecones


Keep it simple and stylish with this design featuring freehanded pinecones. Using a nail art brush, you can easily create a beautiful Christmas-inspired look with just a few strokes.

17. Milky Pink Snowflake Nails

milky pink snowflake nails


Opt for a soft pink nail polish on short square nails as the ideal canvas for hand-painted stars. The touches of rose gold elevates these perfectly manicured nails to another level of elegance.

18. Asymmetric Cuffs Nail Design


This nail design resembles Santa’s hat with red tips and gold cuffs, and mimicks the iconic headwear. The gold chrome cuffs add magic to this festive and enchanting look.

19. Santa Baby French Tips


Another Santa hat nail design, perfect for a DIY at home or a visit to your nail tech. Achieve the look with a simple yet charming combination of red and white for a whimsical and Christmassy vibe.

20. Simple Red Glitter French Tip Nails


Indulge in the beauty of these Christmas Frenchies. A short square nail with a neutral base is elevated by a deep red glitter tip, creating a perfect and elegant design for the holiday season.

21. Pretty In Plaid Christmas Nails


Plaid, red French tips and greenery combine to create a classy nail design for holidays. Pair it with bold jewelry to ensure your nails stand out at any holiday party.

22. Peppermint Candy Cane Nail Art


Make a bold statement by painting your nails with a red and pink peppermint design. To add an extra sugary touch, add some silver glitter to your Christmas nails.

23. Colorful Christmas Lights Nail Art


Show your love for colored Christmas lights by adding them to your nails. And the best part is that they’re nail stickers, making it a simple and hassle-free way to showcase your festive spirit.

24. Pink Christmas Mani


Have yourself a pink Christmas with this adorable gingerbread acrylic mani! The embossed sweater nails, gingerbread man and glitter accents, is a dream come true for anyone who wants a touch of pink in their holiday style.

25. Dark Christmas Nails


Dark Christmas nail enthusiasts will adore this customizable design. Pick your favorite Christmas symbols and add them to your nails for a unique touch.

26. ‘Tis The Season Manicure


Deck your nails in spruce green, ruby red, and gold glitter polish. The side French accent nail design is stunning on long square acrylics, creating a perfect look for the Christmas season.

27. Burgundy w/ Glitter French Tips


Oh, my burgundy nail dreams! These nails are sure to be your go-to for the festive season. The deep red base and gold glitter French tips not only look amazing but also exude elegance.

28. Blue Snowman Nail Art


Do you wanna build a snowman? For all the Frozen fans out there, here’s a nail idea inspired by everyone’s favorite snowman, Olaf! If you’re into cute nails, add adorable snowmen to your light blue nails.

29. Pink & Red Christmas Candy Canes


Go for a pink look with Barbie pink polish on your nails. Add a touch of red and white candy cane accents to give you the best of both worlds.

30. Berry Wreath Cuticles Nails


These short white milky nails feature the most elegant berry greenery on the cuffs. It’s a simple, yet stunning design creating an effortlessly chic look.

31. White & Red Christmas Candy Stripes


Achieve amazing red and white nails with a candy stripe look that stands out beautifully. Compliment the look with glitter and jelly nails then finish off the look with a glossy top coat.

32. Plaid Christmas Nail Wraps


For an effortlessly stylish Christmas nail design, consider using plaid nail wraps. These easy-to-apply nail wraps offer a simple and convenient DIY option for achieving a chic and festive look.


You can’t go wrong with a pink Christmas mani and this one is simply irresistible. A pink acrylic base adorned with a sugar effect design adds a touch of sweetness perfect for the season.

34. Peppermint Water Marble Frenchies


Creating peppermint water marble tips is a fun and easy nail design to try at home. Here’s a simple tutorial to guide you through the process. 

35. Ho Ho Ho Red Acrylic Santa Nails


Say hello (or maybe “ho ho ho”) to these festive acrylic Christmas nails! The red and white details pop off a bright red base perfectly.

36. Frosted Peppermint Nails


Here’s another delightful frosted peppermint nail design for those who can’t get enough of the candy treat. Elevate the look by adding iridescent glitter for a magical finishing touch to your festive manicure.

37. Classy Rudolph Nail Art


Dashing through the snow are these delightful Rudolph nails! Featuring glitter antlers and a cute red nose on the accent nail, it’s not only adorable but also adds a touch of class.

38. Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree


Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a tree, and this nail design captures the festive spirit perfectly! The cute tree features a star on top and glittery ornaments. While a cute red bow adds a dainty touch.

39. Santa Hat French Tips


Get into the holiday mood with red nails that have a white scalloped edge, resembling Santa’s hat. This easy DIY design looks beautiful and can be made even more stylish with a matte top coat.

40. Blue Glitter Christmas Nails

blue glitter Christmas nails


Blue gives Christmas nails a wintry touch, like these blue glitter jelly nails. The mix of glitter and snowflakes is classy, especially when worn with blue and gold rings.

41. Festive Frenchies


French tip nails are always a classic choice. These red and silver side French nails are fantastic! The mix of red and silver gives a stylish and festive look, perfect for the holiday season.

42. Green & Gold Christmas Nails


If you love green for Christmas, ask your nail artist to paint green and gold Christmas trees on your nails. Add white dots for a snowy touch. It looks elegant and festive!

43. Winter Christmas Snowflake Nails

winter christmas snowflake nails


White Christmas nails bring glamour and are perfect if you’re dreaming of a snowy holiday. This timeless look is the perfect nail design to conclude our Christmas nail roundup.



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