37 Dreamy Unicorn Cake Ideas Every Girl Will Love

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Throwing a unicorn party and need some cake inspiration? We have the most darling unicorn cake ideas your little girl will absolutely love!

Unicorn Cake Ideas

Whether you’re having a cake made or you want to DIY your unicorn cake, you’ll find amazing unicorn cake ideas.

Not only are there unicorn birthday cake ideas, there’s also unicorn cakes for the holidays. From simple unicorn cake designs to more intricate ideas, you’ll find something for you!

There are buttercream unicorn cakes, unicorn cakes made with fondant, cookie cakes and much more to choose from.

I hope these beautiful cake ideas help you plan your unicorn party with ease!


Unicorn Inspiration Cakes

1. Rainbow & Stars Unicorn Cake | Rachel J Special Events

Rainbow & Stars Unicorn Cake

2. Wall Mounted Unicorn Cake | Bubble & Sweet

Wall Mounted Unicorn Cake

3. Mermaid Unicorn Cake | Kara’s Party Ideas

Mermaid Unicorn Cake

4. Marble Rainbow Unicorn Mini Cake | Browne Mischief

Marble Unicorn Rainbow Mini Cake

5. Baby Unicorn Cake | Kristen Cake

Baby Unicorn Cake

6. Rainbow Unicorn Drip Cake | La Ombre Creations 

Rainbow Unicorn Drip Cake

7. Unicorn Number Cookie Cake | Say Anything Bakery 

Unicorn Number Cookie Cake

8. Unicorn Cat Cake | Love Cakes

Unicorn Cat Cake

9. Unicorn Drip Cake with Meringue Wings | Cakes Decor

Unicorn Drip Cake with Meringue Wings

10. Overloaded Unicorn Cake | The Home Bakery

Overloaded Unicorn Cake

11. Unicorn Drip Cake | Enchanted Cakes by Yvette

Unicorn Drip Cake

12. Simple Ombre Unicorn Cake | Peggy Porschen

Simple Ombre Unicorn Cake

13. Magical Unicorn Cake | Color Drama Cakes

Magical Unicorn Cake

14. Pastel Unicorn Drip Cake | Juniper Cakery

Pastel Unicorn Drip Cake

DIY Unicorn Cakes

15. Rainbow Unicorn Sheet Cake | Hungry Happenings

Rainbow Unicorn Sheet Cake

16. Buttercream Unicorn Cake | Rosanna Pansino

17. Ice Cream Unicorn Cake | Sunshine Parties

Ice Cream Unicorn Cake

18. Rainbow Unicorn Sprinkle Cake | Cake Craze

Rainbow Unicorn Sprinkle Cake

19. Easter Bunny Unicorn Cake | Family Spice

Easter Bunny Unicorn Cake

20. 3D Rainbow Unicorn Cake | Zoe’s Fancy Cakes

21. Watercolor Unicorn Cake | Sugar Hero 

Watercolor Unicorn Cake

22. Round Unicorn Cake | Lakeland Blog

Round Unicorn Cake

23. Party Unicorn Cake | Love Cake Create

Party Unicorn Cake

24. Pink Floral Unicorn Cake | Party Pinching

Pink Floral Unicorn Cake

25. Easy Unicorn Cake | Happy Bee Cakes

26. Fox Unicorn Cake with Wings | Rose Bakes

Fox Unicorn Cake with Wings

27. 2 Tier Unicorn Cake | Rose Bakes

2 Tier Unicorn Cake

28. Black Galaxy Unicorn Cake | Ashlee Marie 

Black Galaxy Unicorn Cake

29. My Little Pony Unicorn Cake | Sugar Geek Show

My Little Pony Unicorn Cake

30. Vegan Unicorn Cake | The Little Blog of Vegan

Vegan Unicorn Cake

31. Puking Unicorn Cake | The Tough Cookie

Puking Unicorn Cake

32. Unicorn Sprinkles Cake | Sugar High Score

33. Halloween Unicorn Cake | De Leukste Taarten Shop

Halloween Unicorn Cake

34. Purple Unicorn Cake Pan | Wilton

Purple Unicorn Cake

35. Harry Potter Unicorn Cake | Little Cherry Cake

36. Unicorn Sprinkles Cake | Ready Set Eat

Unicorn Sprinkles Cake

37. Christmas Unicorn Cake | De Leukste Taarten Shop

Christmas Unicorn Cake



Magical Unicorn Cake Ideas

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