37 Must-Try New Year’s Nails To Ring In 2024

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Looking for glitzy party nails for New Year? Look no further! We’ve got the latest New Year’s nails just for you.

new years nails

As we say goodbye to 2023 and look forward to 2024, it’s time to glam up your nails.

Whether you’re celebrating at a fancy party, a chill get-together with friends, or at home counting down to midnight, the perfect manicure is a must.

From short and cute to shiny and glam, we’ve put together a stunning collection of New Year’s nail designs that will make your nails stand out.

Let your nails steal the show with our carefully chosen New Year’s eve nail designs, making sure you welcome 2024 in style!

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1. Black & Gold Double French New Year’s Nails


These double French nails in black and champagne glitter scream New Years! Painted on long almond nails, these are a dream for ringing in the new year.

2. Neutral New Year’s Eve Nails


For a subtler New Year’s look, opt for nude nails and add a minimalist touch with a simple ‘year’ nail art accent.

3. Black New Year’s Eve Snowflakes


For a smooth transition from Christmas to New Year, try black snowflake nails. Create them with black polish and a snowflake stamping plate. Finish with a glitter topcoat for extra sparkle.

4. Holo Ombre New Year’s Nails

holo ombre new years nails


If you’re gearing up for a night out and still loving the holographic nail trend, you’ll adore these nails. Check out this tutorial to guide you through creating stunning holo nails.

5. Blue Glitter French Tip New Year’s Nails


Jazz up your NYE nails with a touch of blue sparkle! This gorgeous blue French manicure puts a stylish spin on the classic glitter nails that are always a hit during the festivities.

6. Gold Chrome New Year’s Nails


Keep it simple yet sophisticated by opting for a solid gold chrome manicure. This metallic nail look will have heads turning for sure. Recreate these with this easy tutorial.

7. Glitter Fade New Year’s Mani


Imagine confetti on your nails with these glitter fade Frenchies. You’ll love the festive vibes they bring, making them perfect for your New Year’s Eve party.

8. Black Square Sparkle Frenchies for New Year


These sparkly black tips are great for New Year’s. The long square nails are perfectly painted and finished with glitter for a classic look.

9. Black & Gold Glitter New Year’s Nails

black and gold glitter new years nails


Go for the classic black and gold combo for New Year’s. Adorn your glossy black nails with gold glitter for a champagne-popping New Year’s Eve!

10. Black & Neutral w/ Stars


Keep it simple and chic with a minimal design. Apply all-black polish to your short nails. To complete the look, add tiny silver stars to a nude accent nail.

11. Nude & Gold Glitter Nails


Nude nails serve as the perfect canvas for a splash of gold glitter, taking these nails to the next level for New Year’s Eve!

12. Pink Glitter New Year’s Nails

pink glitter new years nails


If you’re all about a pink Christmas vibe, take your nails into the New Year with some pink glitter action!

13. Cheers to The New Year Nails


Check out this fun NYE nail look – matte black nails with a gold glitter accent, topped off with a champagne glass nail art filled with glitter.

14. Gold Glitter New Year’s Nails


Champagne glitter nails are always a win! Painted on a square nail shape, this look is versatile and perfect for any occasion.

15. Bejewelled New Year


These nails are truly next level! Hand-painted gold stars showcase a beautiful burst of color at the center of each, giving them the appearance of dazzling jewels.

16. Black, White & Gold New Year’s Nails


For the minimalists out there, take a look at this nail design. One hand sports a matte black finish, contrasting a milky white polish on the other hand with gold swirl line.

17. Velvet Champagne New Year’s Nails


Here’s another trendy and stunning nail design – velvet nails! You can easily create this gorgeous magnetic cat’s eye design at home with the help of this tutorial.

18. Shimmery New Year’s French Tips


If you love shimmery nails, you’ll adore these flash-effect French tips. The deep color topped with silver polish is an absolute dream come true.

19. Milky White New Year’s Nails 2023


This milky white nail look is a perfect transition from Christmas to New Year’s. The glitter ombre on one nail adds a touch of chic flair.

20. Silver Outlined Tips For The New year


If love French tip nails but want something more unique, these double French nails with silver outlined tips are gorgeous.

21. Sparkly New Year’s Nails


Bring on more sparkles because we can’t get enough of the flash nail look! This time, with swirls of gold for that extra pizzazz.

22. Glitter New Year’s Nails


For a frosty New Year’s glitter effect, go for this clear polish with gold glitter flecks. It’s a chic winter season look.

23. Happy New Year Nail Art


For those who enjoy fun nail art, ask your nail tech to paint the words ‘Happy New Year’ with a nail brush. You can try it yourself, but a steady hand is key.

24. Baby Pink Shimmer New Year’s Nails


Take a nude pink on a long square base into the new year for a versatile nail look. The added sparkle will shimmer in the night light but is perfect for any time of day.

25. Shiny Black w/ Glitter New Year’s Nails


If you love a bit of shimmer over glossy nails, then this nail look is for you. Opt for black nails blended with glitter accents that add a “wow” factor to your nails.

26. Chrome Cuticles NYE Nails

chrome cuticles nye nails


I’m loving this mix of matte nude nails and silver chrome cuticles. The metallic look complements the classy polish, giving it an edgy yet chic vibe.

27. Disco Ball New Year’s Nail Design


Add glitter ball nail art to your manicured nails for disco vibes. Pair with glitter and white nails to shine on the dance floor.

28. Diamonds Are Forever Nails

diamonds are forever nails


Rock pink chrome on long almond nails because you can! But make sure to adorn them with jewels to elevate them to party level!

29. Ombre New Year’s Nails


I’m loving the star nail glitter on these nude and white ombre nails. The long coffin shape is also the perfect length for a night out on the town with friends.

30. Blue & Silver Foil New Year’s Nails

blue and silver foil new years nails


Say hello to these fresh foil Frenchies! Yes please! The blend of blue and silver truly makes these nails stand out, especially for an amazing look on New Year’s Eve.

31. Short Gold Glitter French Tips


Short nails are my go-to, so if you’re like me and you love them too, you’ll adore this look. A sprinkle of glitter on your neutral base nails is not only chic but also fabulous.

32. Black & Silver Glitter Nails


We’re all about black and gold, but have you considered black and silver? This dynamic duo is a superb combo, especially for New Year’s Eve!

33. Ring In The New Year Nails


Ring in the new year with a clock design on one nail tip, then add splashes of gold, white, and black to finish off your look to perfection.

34. Champagne Showers

champagne showers


Pop, clink and fizz into the new year with flashy sparkle nails! Black nail art stamped with gold glitter elevates these nails to another level of cuteness.

35. Rose Gold New Year’s Nails


This neutral rose gold look perfectly pairs with a nude nail – a combination we’re all for. The subtle glitter shade is perfect for any celebration.

36. Elegant New Year’s Nails


These stunning coffin-shaped nails have a chic everyday look with a chevron French tip, simple nudes, and a glitter accent nail.

37. Black & Gold Star French Tip Nails

black and gold star French tip nails


Lastly, try this chic black and gold style: opt for black French tips with a gold line underneath. Accentuate two nails with black stars for the finishing touch.



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