21 Must-See Minecraft Cake Ideas Anyone Can Make

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If you’re throwing a Minecraft party and want to DIY a cake, look no further! These Minecraft cake ideas are easy enough for anyone to make. 

best minecraft cake ideas

Learn how to make a Minecraft birthday cake with these easy Minecraft cake ideas. With over twenty cakes to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect Minecraft cake recipe for you.

There are Minecraft cake recipes for a Minecraft Creeper, Dirt Block, TNT and so much more. From buttercream cakes to fondant cakes, box mix cakes and Rice Krispies cakes.

Not only are these Minecraft cakes easy to copy but they’ll suit anyone’s budget!

So, no matter which one you make, I’m sure the birthday child will be proud of your handmade creation!


1. Simple Minecraft Buttercream Cake

Minecraft Buttercream Cake Box Cake

from The Kitchen Magpie

You don’t need to be the best baker to make a cake your child will love. Bake a vanilla cake, frost it to look like grass, and decorate with TNT Twizzlers and Minecraft figurines for a simple and fun cake your child will love. No expertise required!

2. Rice Krispies Minecraft TNT Cake

Minecraft TNT Rice Krispie Cake

from Cute As A Fox

Impress your friends at your Minecraft party with this DIY TNT Rice Krispies cake! Made entirely with Rice Krispies and topped with a sparkler, this explosive treat is not only delicious but also super fun to make.

3. Fondant Minecraft Cake Block

Fondant Minecraft Cake Block

from Gourmandize

This cake is super easy to make and perfect for any Minecraft fan! Simply create a block-shaped cake and cover it with fondant to create your favorite Minecraft cake block.

4. Easy Minecraft Pig Cake

Easy Minecraft Pig Cake

from Adventures Of Mel

I love this homemade Minecraft pig cake! It’s a pink square vanilla cake with pink buttercream icing, fondant eyes, and a wafer nose. A cute addition to any Minecraft-themed party.

5. Minecraft Brownie Cake

Minecraft Brownie Cake

from Bombshell Bling

This Minecraft brownie creeper cake is the easiest and most delicious dessert for a Minecraft-themed party. Made with brownie mix, and green and black frosting for the creeper face, it’s sure to be a hit with all the gamers!

6. Fondant Minecraft Birthday Cake

Fondant Minecraft Birthday Cake

from Busy Bee Crafty Mama

Here’s another cute Minecraft cake. Covered in fondant icing and topped with edible decorations of the Creeper, Enderman, and Steve this cake is the ultimate treat for Minecraft lovers.

7. Buttercream Minecraft Creeper Cake

from Sweeten The World

Here’s another buttercream frosted Minecraft creeper cake. This easy to make cake is perfect for any Minecraft themed party or event. Watch the video tutorial below to learn how to make this delicious cake.

8. Minecraft Sword Cake

Minecraft Sword Cake

from Confettidea

This perfect Minecraft sword cake is covered in fondant squares to look exactly like the Minecraft Diamond Sword. An impressive and delicious centerpiece for any Minecraft party or event.

9. Minecraft Drip Cake

from Rozeya’s Sweet Delights by Ayesha

Another amazing Minecraft cake, just for you! This chocolate drip cake looks very professional, but you can make it too! Just add some printed character toppers, and a “Happy Birthday” cake topper! You’ll look like a real baker in no time!

10. Chocolate & Vanilla Minecraft Cake

Chocolate & Vanilla Minecraft Cake

from Happy and Harried

This delicious cake is super fun and easy to make! It’s made with three layers of chocolate and vanilla cake, then covered with buttercream petals for a rustic feel! Top off your masterpiece with cool figurines straight out of the game.

11. Checkered Dirt Block Minecraft Cake

from My Cupcake Addiction

How cool is this checkered dirt block Minecraft cake? Just alternate chocolate and vanilla cake layers to create a fun checkerboard look. Then top off you cake with delicious fondant Minecraft characters.

12. Minecraft Grass Block and Treats

Minecraft Grass Block and Treats

from Sugar Swings

This amazing Minecraft Grass Block Cake is another easy one to make for your gamer kid! Topped with all sorts of treats straight from the game, including Rice Krispies treats and fondant icing decorations. This cake is the perfect centerpiece for the dessert table!

13. Minecraft Pig & Watermelon Cake

Minecraft Pig and Watermelon Cake

from Ashlee Marie

Try your hand at making something a little more intricate with this Minecraft Pig & Watermelon Cake. Featuring a 3D pig standing beside a juicy watermelon slice, this cake is a Minecraft masterpiece.

14. Minecraft Village Cake

from How To Cook That

This cake is the cake of Minecraft dreams! If you’re feeling adventurous, you’ll love making this incredible Minecraft Village Cake, complete with a fun village scene featuring houses, trees, and even blue water.

15. Easy Minecraft Steve Cake

Easy Minecraft Steve Cake

from Merriment Design

OMG, I just love how cute this Minecraft Steve cake is and it’s so easy to make, you won’t believe it! All you need is some fondant squares to create Steve’s face and you’re good to go.

16. Gluten-Free Funfetti Minecraft Cake

Gluten-Free Funfetti Minecraft Cake

from Boulder Locavore

For all my gluten-free friends out there, I have this amazing Funfetti Minecraft Cake that you’ve got to try! This simple yet delightful purple cake is completely gluten-free and topped with an awesome Ender Dragon figurine.

17. Enderman & Pig Minecraft Fondant Cake

Enderman & Pig Minecraft Fondant Cake

from Hanielas

Here’s another clever Minecraft cake design that you just need to see! It’s a delicious vanilla cake with fondant squares on each side perfectly formed into the faces of your favorite Minecraft characters, and even has those iconic Rice Krispies grass dirt blocks on top.

18. Minecraft Creeper Cupcake Cake

Minecraft Creeper Cupcake Cake

from Summer Of Funner

If you’re a cupcake lover, then you won’t be able to resist this amazing Minecraft Creeper Cupcake Cake! With delicious green and black frosting formed into the much-loved Creeper face, this cupcake cake is sure to be a hit at any Minecraft-themed party.

19. Minecraft Wolf Cake

Minecraft Wolf Cake

from I Heart Baking

If you prefer a more minimalist style, then this Minecraft Wolf Cake is perfect for you! With a simple, round gray cake topped with fondant icing designed to look just like the Minecraft wolf.

20. DIY Minecraft Birthday Cake

Simple Minecraft Cake Box Cake

from Midwestern Moms

This fun Minecraft Birthday Cake is an easy one for any mom! Made with cake squares decorated to look like Minecraft water, dirt, and grass blocks, and topped with your favorite Minecraft figurines. It’s a simple DIY project!

21. Minecraft Building Blocks Birthday Cake

Minecraft Building Blocks Birthday Cake

from Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons

Last, but not least, check out this Minecraft building blocks birthday cake! I love the pool of “water” surrounded by delicious Rice Krispies Treats and the tiered “dirt block” cake pieces. Such a fun way to end off this gaming-themed cake roundup!



diy minecraft cake ideas

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