21 Must-See Minecraft Cake Ideas Anyone Can Make

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If you’re throwing a Minecraft party and want to DIY a cake, look no further! These Minecraft cake ideas are easy enough for anyone to make. 

best minecraft cake ideas

Learn how to make a Minecraft birthday cake with these easy Minecraft cake ideas. With over twenty cakes to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect Minecraft cake recipe for you.

There are Minecraft cake recipes for a Minecraft Creeper, Dirt Block, TNT and so much more. From buttercream cakes to fondant cakes, box mix cakes and Rice Krispies cakes.

Not only are these Minecraft cakes easy to copy but they’ll suit anyone’s budget!

So, no matter which one you make, I’m sure the birthday child will be proud of your handmade creation!


1. Simple Minecraft Buttercream Cake

The Kitchen Magpie

Minecraft Buttercream Cake Box Cake

2. Rice Krispies Minecraft TNT Cake

Cute As A Fox

Minecraft TNT Rice Krispie Cake

3. Fondant Minecraft Cake Block 


Fondant Minecraft Cake Block

4. Easy Minecraft Pig Cake

Adventures Of Mel

Easy Minecraft Pig Cake

5. Minecraft Brownie Cake

Bombshell Bling

Minecraft Brownie Cake

6. Fondant Minecraft Birthday Cake

Busy Bee Crafty Mama

Fondant Minecraft Birthday Cake

7. Buttercream Minecraft Creeper Cake

Sweeten The World

8. Minecraft Sword Cake


Minecraft Sword Cake

9. Minecraft Drip Cake 

Rozeya’s Sweet Delights by Ayesha

10. Chocolate & Vanilla Minecraft Cake

Happy and Harried

Chocolate & Vanilla Minecraft Cake

11. Checkered Dirt Block Minecraft Cake

My Cupcake Addiction

12. Minecraft Grass Block and Treats

Sugar Swings

Minecraft Grass Block and Treats

13. Minecraft Pig & Watermelon Cake

Ashlee Marie

Minecraft Pig and Watermelon Cake

14. Minecraft Village Cake

How To Cook That

15. Easy Minecraft Steve Cake 

Merriment Design

Easy Minecraft Steve Cake

16. Gluten-Free Funfetti Minecraft Cake 

Boulder Locavore 

Gluten-Free Funfetti Minecraft Cake

17. Enderman & Pig Minecraft Fondant Cake


Enderman & Pig Minecraft Fondant Cake

18. Minecraft Creeper Cupcake Cake

Summer of Funner

Minecraft Creeper Cupcake Cake

19. Minecraft Wolf Cake 

I Heart Baking

Minecraft Wolf Cake

20. DIY Minecraft Birthday Cake

Mid Western Moms

Simple Minecraft Cake Box Cake

21. Minecraft Building Blocks Birthday Cake

Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons

Minecraft Building Blocks Birthday Cake



diy minecraft cake ideas

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