45+ Magical Underwater Mermaid Party Ideas

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If you want to throw the party of little girl’s dreams, then you need to see these magical Mermaid Party Ideas.

mermaid party ideas

We have everything you need to plan the perfect shellebration. From free mermaid party printables to mermaid decorations, mermaid party cakes and a whole lot more.

Whether you’re planning a small party or an over-the-top magical day, we have mermaid party ideas for you. Choose the ones you love the most and throw a mermazing party!

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1. Free Mermaid Party Printables

Free Mermaid Party Printables

from Pretty Sweet

Our free mermaid party printables are the perfect color combination to add to your party decor and will take your party to the next level. 

The party collection includes a welcome sign, mermaid cupcakes toppers, invitations, water bottle labels, mermaid food labels, straw flags, party favor tags, and a pretty mermaid banner.

2. Mermaid Dessert Table

Mermaid Dessert Table

from Tinselbox

How beautiful is this mermaid dessert table featuring an amazing wall of pastel balloons? Add a personalized shell to complete the look.

3. Mermaid Beach Party

Mermaid Beach Party

from Life’s Little Celebrations

Picnics are so fun, but if you can have a picnic party on the beach, even better! Use a gazebo for shade and decorate it to create an elegant atmosphere for your guests.

4. Pink Mermaid Pool Party

Pink Mermaid Pool Party

from Emelbe Design

Nothing screams mermaid party more than a mermaid pool party. Add lots of clear balloons, shells, and pool floaties, then have a splash of a bash!

5. Mermaid Backdrop

Mermaid Backdrop

from Hostess With The Mostess

Use pastel paper plates to create a stunning scalloped backdrop, so simple, yet so effective! I love how the pastel shades create an ombre look.

6. Mermaid Balloon Backdrop

Mermaid Balloon Backdrop

from Kara’s Party Ideas

If you’re looking for a simple and effortless way to make a backdrop, cover your mermaid balloons with a fish net for a seaside look.

7. Mermaid Balloon Arch

Mermaid Balloon Arch

from All For Them UK

Balloon arches are all the rage now, and this mermaid balloon arch is simply stunning. I love the pops of gold and silver balloons and the shiny mermaid tail brings it all together!

8. Jellyfish Lanterns

Jellyfish Lanterns

from Kara’s Party Ideas

Jellyfish lanterns add a special “under the sea” touch to your mermaid party. They’re so easy to pop up and they come in an array of colors. So, get creative with these jelly-rrific decorations.

9. Starfish Salt Dough Garland

Starfish Salt Dough Garland

from Chickabug

This starfish salt dough garland is easy to make with a simple recipe but can also be recreated with some string and a few resin starfish ornaments.

10. Mermaid Signs

Mermaid Signs

from Catch My Party

How cute are these mermaid signs? Use them to welcome your guests and direct them to different party stations. Such a fun idea! You can make your own with these wooden arrow signs.

11. Mermaid Table Centerpieces

Mermaid Table Centerpieces

from Smart School House

These tiered fishbowls are a lovely way to add centerpieces to your party table. Fill them with sand and shells or water and real fish for an exciting surprise.

12. Mermaid Table Settings

Mermaid Table Settings

from Catch My Party

Themed table settings help to pull all the party decor together and there’s nothing more darling than having shell paper plates at a mermaid party. Layer them with some pastel paper plates and add wooden cutlery for an eco-friendly idea.

13. Mermaid Utensil Holders

Mermaid Utensil Holders

from Chickabug

Decorate some mason jars with a few pieces of fabric or ribbon then attach a starfish or shell to your cutlery holders to create a coastal vibe. Pop in your cutlery and add to the dessert table.

14. Mermaid Candy Bar

Mermaid Candy Cart

from Kara’s Party Ideas

You don’t need to hire a candy cart to create your own candy bar, you only need some glass jars and colorful candy. And I’m sure your guests will love it too!

15. Mermaid Cake

Mermaid Cake

from Little Miss Charlie

Make a statement with a whimsical under the sea-themed cake. Featuring waves of blue, mermaid tails above the water of icing and crumbs of sand on a pretty cake stand, this elegant cake would be the perfect focal point for your dessert table.

16. Mermaid Cupcakes

Mermaid Cupcakes

from Inspired By This

These cupcakes look so delicious, and I love the blue frills of icing. Add some chocolate mermaid tails and shells to finish off the look. The perfect treat for your guests!

17. Mermaid Cake Pops

Mermaid Cake Pops

from A Touch of Pink

These irresistible bite-sized treats of deliciousness are just what your party needs. A simple mermaid tail and shell take these from ordinary to extraordinary.

18. Mermaid Cookies

Mermaid Cookies

from Happily Ever After Children

These mermaid tail and shell cookies are an effortless way to add touches of underwater elements to the dessert table. They’re so easy to make with cute cookie cutters and are also a great option to be given as a party favor to your mermaid friends.

19. Mermaid Cakesicles

Mermaid Cakesicles

from Tinselbox

Another delicious dessert option are these darling mermaid cakesicles. It’s a popsicle made with cake, covered in melted candy, and adorned with edible ocean-themed gems.

Serve them on a tray of graham cracker sand for a beach look!

20. Mermaid Rice Krispie Treats

Mermaid Rice Krispie Treats

from Chic Homestyle

Who doesn’t love a good Rice Krispy treat, but with a mermazing twist? Add some sparkly lollipop sticks for a luxury look! Plus, this is a fun way to get the little ones involved.

21. Mermaid Jello Cups

Mermaid Jello Cups

from Nicest Things

These jello cups look like a work of art, but they aren’t that difficult to make. Line your glasses with graham crackers, then add your jello and let it set.

Once it’s ready, swirl purple and blue frosting on top then finish off your single serving treat with candy shells, mermaid tails and sprinkles.

22. Rock Candy Coral

Coral Candy

from Kara’s Party Ideas

You don’t need to do much to make coral decor. Just add ocean colored rock candy to a fishbowl or apothecary jar and you have delicious decor your guests can eat!

23. Mermaid Tail Marshmallows

Mermaid Tail Marshmallows

from Finding Zest

I love simple party treats, so I had to include these amazing mermaid marshmallows. The graham cracker sand looks like gold dust against the turquoise candy. Such an effective idea!

24. Clam Shell Macarons

Clam Shell Macarons

from Catch My Party

These cute little clam shell macarons add an extra touch of ocean goodness. Sandwich a gumball or Sixlets candy between two chewy macaron clams to create a delicious treat!

the best mermaid party ideas

25. Mermaid Fudge

Mermaid Fudge

from How To Make Easy Fudge

Fudge is one of my favorite treats, like chocolate bark, this dessert is made with chocolate, but also condensed milk. Which adds to the sweetness! This snack can be made in the microwave and is the perfect quick treat for your mermaid party!

26. Mermaid Bark

Mermaid Bark

from Bread Bacon Booze

Speaking of bark, this mermaid bark looks good enough to eat in all its shimmering glory!

27. Mermaid Pretzels

Mermaid Pretzels

from Kara’s Party Ideas

Here’s another sweet treat that can be easily made with just a few pretzels and candy melts. Pop on an edible star and your dessert is ready to be eaten by hungry mermaids.

28. Mermaid Popcorn

Mermaid Popcorn

from Creative Ramblings

This snack is POPPING and super quick to make! Drizzle colorful melted candy over your popcorn then mix in some M&M’s for a sweet and salty party snack.

29. Crabwiches


from Occasions By Shakira

Simple googly eyes and toothpicks transform croissants into delicious crabwiches! These will be a hit with your guests for sure!

30. Starwiches


from Keeping Up With She

Add more eyes to sandwiches to transform them into starwiches, only this time they’re edible eyes! The kids will love these sandwiches and they’re easy to make with a starfish cookie cutter!

31. Charcuterie cups

Charcuterie Cups

from Ice Cheeseboards

I love charcuterie boards, but when I saw these charcuterie cups, I knew they would be the perfect finger food to have at a mermaid party. Add these mermaid tails to your favorite eats and treats and let your guests’ snack and mingle.

32. Bubbly Mermaid Punch

Bubbly Mermaid Punch

from Fun365

This mermaid punch is only 2 ingredients and looks so delicious! Serve your purple and blue punch in a shell for extra pizzazz! Your guests will love how it fizzes and bubbles just like sea foam.

33. Sea Water

Ocean Water

from Kara’s Party Ideas

Serve your friends some ocean punch in glass milk bottles then pop in a cute straw. You only need Lemon-Lime Soda, Pineapple Juice, and Blue Hawaiian Punch to make this delicious drink!

34. Mermaid Photo Booth

Mermaid Photo Booth

from Kara’s Party Ideas

What better way to document your mer-mories than in a clamshell with all your besties! Grab the camera and photo props and take a shell-fie for the memory book!

35. Mermaid Party Hats

Mermaid Party Hats

from Hostess With The Mostess

If you’re feeling creative, DIY some mermaid party hats for your guests to use as photo props. They can also be used as popcorn, treat or cotton candy holders.

36. Starfish Wands

Starfish Wands

from A Beautiful Mess

A magical wand is a must-have at a mermaid party, so make sure all the little mermaids have one! These DIY starfish wands are so easy to make with starfish and ribbon wands, and they look gorgeous too!

37. Mermaid Tail

Mermaid Tails

from Pink Peppermint Design

You can’t have a mermaid party without some mermaid tails. Either spoil the birthday girl with her own mermaid tail costume or splash out and get all the little mermaids their own tails too!

38. Mermaid Face Painting

Face Painting

from Adriana Tomzhinski Fotografia

Face painting is a fun party activity, and what little girl wouldn’t want to be a mermaid? Either hire a face painter or buy some face paint and show your artistic skills.

39. Cookie Decorating

Cookie Decorating

from Beijos Events

How cute is this “Cookies mer-made by you” sign? Make your own and display it at a cookie decorating station for your little merbakers!

40. Painting Treasure Boxes

Painting Treasure Boxes

from This Modern Farmhouse

Kids love painting parties; they get to mess and decorate and have loads of fun! And these cute treasure boxes are a great keepsake to display in your little mermaid’s room.

41. Free Mermaid Name Game

Free Mermaid Name Game

from Cutesy Crafts

Use this free name game to give your friends their own mermaid name that they can use throughout the party, or just for a fun activity!

42. Mermaid Entertainer

Mermaid Entertainer

from Kara’s Party Ideas

Hire some real-life mermaids to entertain the kids. They could play fun games, do face painting, or add temporary tattoos.

If you’re having a pool party, the mermaids could splash about in the pool and teach the girls how to swim with tails!

43. Mermaid Favor Bags

Mermaid Favor Bags

from Hostess With The Mostess

It’s always a polite gesture to thank your guests for celebrating with you and sending them home with a bag full of goodies. A simple mermaid favor bag with thank you tag is perfect.

44. Mermaid Favor Buckets

Mermaid Favor Buckets

from Pretty My Party

Alternatively, fill galvanized party buckets with mermaid goodies and send your guests home with a gift they can reuse.

45. DIY Message in a Bottle Favors

DIY Message in a Bottle

from Fun365

What a fun surprise to receive a secret message in a bottle filled with magical mermaid dust. All you need is a pack of mini mason jars, glitter, and pink sand.

46. Bubble Party Favors

Bubble Party Favors and Free Printables

from Taz & Belly

Bubbles are a great idea for party favors, they resemble the bubbles in the ocean and frankly, kids can’t get enough of them! Download the free printable favor tags and thank your friends for swimming by!

47. Mermaid Shell Bath Bombs

Mermaid Shell Bath Bombs

from Totally The Bomb

Send each little mermaid home with their own shell bath bomb so they can enjoy a fizzing, foaming bath and be reminded of all the fun they had at your party!

Make your own or get ones with a surprise inside.

48. Mermaid Slime Favors

Mermaid Slime Favors

from Make Life Lovely

Finally, we have a simple DIY to make for or with your friends, and with only a few ingredients you’ll have yourself some dazzling slime fit for a mermaid!



magical mermaid party ideas

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