21 Juicy Watermelon Nails to Sweeten Your Summer Look

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Why settle for ordinary nails this summer when you can have fun with watermelon nails? Watermelon nail art is a great way to add some color to your look.

watermelon nails

These designs are perfect for summer fun, like beach days or 4th of July parties.

Whether you like short nails or bright neon colors, we have the cutest watermelon nail designs to make your summer manicure pop. Think shades of green, pink and red, topped with seeds to bring the watermelon look to life.

From simple to stylish, our watermelon nail ideas fit any summer event. These ideas aren’t only for long nails, they work on short nails too and will get everyone talking.

So, let’s make this summer special with a fruity mani!


1. Pastel Watermelon

pastel watermelon nails


These pastel watermelon nails are great if you like the kawaii look. Use pink and mint green polish to create cute watermelon slices and finish with glitter.

2. Juicy Watermelon Shorties 

watermelon shorties


If you like a softer summer look, these short nails are perfect. They have a blush pink base and a fun green tip, giving a cool watermelon vibe.

3. Watermelon Nail Design

watermelon nail design


I love these nails for summer. The bright watermelon design has a subtle ombre effect from white to coral pink. Plus, they have little jewels that make them extra classy.

4. Neon Pink with Accent Watermelon


An accent watermelon sets the tone for these neon pink beauties. If you’re looking for nails that scream summer, these are perfect.

5. Abstract Watermelon Nail Designs

abstract watermelon nail design


Here’s another cool way to do watermelon nail art. These nails mix abstract art with watermelon colors, using waves of pink and green.

6. Sparkly Watermelon Delight

sparkly watermelon delight


If you want some sparkle, these watermelon nails are the way to go. They sparkle with a glittery pink base, green tips, and jewel seed accents. The oval shape gives them a soft, elegant look.

7. Watermelon Drips

watermelon drips


Consider these nails if you want wild watermelon nails. The abstract watermelon design is perfect for creatives.

8. Accent Almond Watermelons

watermelon almond nails


Here’s another fun take on the watermelon theme. These almond nails look so pretty with a soft watermelon design. I love how only one accent nail sports seeds to complete the look.

9. Dainty Watermelon Nail Art

dainty watermelon nail art


If you’re looking for a simple nail design, you’ll love these dainty watermelon nails. The small watermelon slices on a clear base offer a delicate look for minimalists.

10. Watermelon French Tip Nail Art

watermelon French tip nail art


This fresh take on French tips is so dainty. The green lattice tips and tiny watermelon slices make this nail design perfect for a picnic.

11. Pink Watermelon Slices

pink watermelon slices


Say hello to these bright pink watermelon nails. Follow the tutorial above to get this fun summer look!

12. Mini Watermelons & Polkadots

mini watermelons and polka dots


Here’s a fun twist on watermelon nails! Mini watermelon slices and polka dots make this perfect for a warm summer day.

13. Neon Glitter Watermelons

neon glitter melon nails


Say hello to these neon glitter watermelon nails. If you love bright, eye-catching designs then try these long square-shaped nails.

14. Watermelon Sugar

watermelon sugar


I love how elegant these nails are, the neutral design uses muted colors to create a subtle watermelon look for summer.

15. Pink & Green Watermelons

pink and green watermelons


I’m obsessed with this playful nail design. The bright pink and green watermelons make the perfect summer mani.

16. Almond 3D Watermelon Drips

almond 3d watermelon drips


If you want something different, try these almond-shaped nails with 3D watermelon drips. Finish off your look with a matte top coat.

17. Watermelons & Polkadots

watermelons and polkadots


Here’s another fun design with watermelon slices and polka dots. You’ll need a nail art brush and a steady hand to paint this cute design!

18. Gradient Watermelon Nails

gradient watermelon nails


If you love soft colors, these gradient watermelon nails are perfect. They blend from pink to green with black seed details, giving a classy look. Try Essie Hot Pink for the perfect watermelon color.

19. Abstract Neon Watermelons

abstract neon watermelons


These abstract watermelon slices are so fun and easy to do, I doubt you’ll mess up this design. Just paint pink squiggly lines and fill them in, then outline them with white and lime green polish for a juicy look.

20. Tropical Watermelon Acrylic Nails

tropical acrylic nails


These acrylic nails are a fun choice for a summer vacation. If you love bright pinks and greens, copy this tropical watermelon design.

21. Watermelon Accent Nail Art

watermelon accent nail art


If you want a subtle design, try this watermelon accent nail art. This coral nail polish is the perfect color for this watermelon design.



watermelon nail designs

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