20 Irresistible Valentine’s Day Hairstyles That Are Bound To Steal Hearts

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Discover charming Valentine’s Day hairstyles for all ages, from toddlers to adults, to elevate your festive style and enchant hearts.

valentines day hairstyles

From sweet heart-shaped braids to elegant buns, this guide has you covered for every hair length and type.

Whether you’re planning a romantic date night or a family celebration on Love Day, these easy and simple tutorials will help you achieve the perfect look.

Explore charming ponytails, graceful updos, and discover the art of expressing love through your hair.

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Let’s dive into the world of cute Valentine’s Day hair ideas that will make you fall head over heels in love with your own reflection


1. Sweet Love Braids

sweet love braids valentine's day hairstyles


These love braids are absolutely gorgeous especially when finished off with these heart foam stickers.

2. Peek-a-boo Heart Hair

peek a boo heart hair valentine's day hairstyles


Simply add a heart within a heart braid with hair chalk for an easy Valentine’s Day hairstyle.

3. Valentine’s Day Top Bow Hairstyle

valentines top bow valentine's day hairstyles


A cute bow hairstyle is perfect for Christmas and Love Day. It’s like a sweet little gift.

4. Heart and Arrow Hairstyle

valentine's day hairstyles


This heart hair is simple to create and can be finished with arrow-shaped hairpins, resembling Cupid’s bow.

5. Be Mine Valentine’s Day Hairstyles

valentine's day hairstyles


If your Valentine’s Day hair includes pink, you’re halfway there! Form a heart with your medium-length hair and add heart jewels, picks, or even a cute heart clothespin. It’s adorable!

6. Dutch lace Heart Braid Tutorial

dutch lace heart braid


This heart braid is a sweet style suitable for short or long hair, making it an ideal hairstyle for toddlers. Finish off the look with a pretty bow.

7. Pastel Pink Valentine’s Day Hairstyles

valentine's day hairstyles


This simple half-up hairstyle, adorned with a flower, is a perfect Valentine’s Day look, especially if you have pink hair. Consider using semi-permanent color for a commitment-free touch.

8. Valentine’s Day Hair

valentine's day hairstyles


For a vibrant and quirky look, try this heart hairstyle. Create it effortlessly using a flexible curling rod and shape it into a heart.

9. Love Is In The Hair


This adorable pull-through ponytail hairstyle is perfect for a Valentine’s Day date. It’s pure perfection.

10. Braided Heart w/ Bun


Try this sweetheart braid crown, finished with a low bun and topped off with flower hair clips for an extra charming touch.

11. Side Heart Dutch Braid


I adore the cute simplicity of this heart hair braid. Just part the hair into a heart shape and braid together. This look is perfect for short or long hair.

12. Side Braid w/ Ponytail

side braid with bandana ponytail


This stunning messy side braid is beautifully tied up into a ponytail, topped with a fun red bandana for a festive V-Day touch.

13. Valentine’s Day Hair Flower

valentines hair flowers


For those with long hair, here’s a lovely idea: create a hair flower by twisting your hair into a flower shape and securing it with pins.

14. Cute Heart Hair

cute heart hair


This heart hairstyle for little girls is made using red and pink elastic hair bands, tied all the way down for an adorable look.

15. Sweetheart Hairstyle

sweetheart hairstyle


Skip the space buns and opt for these cute little heart buns. Perfect for Love Day, whether you’re out with friends or on a date night.

16. Love Day Hair Tutorial

love day hair tutorial


Here’s another heart hairstyle for you, ladies! Check out the easy-to-follow tutorial and have fun creating this charming look.

17. Pink Braided Love Hair

pink braided love hair


More heart hair, anyone? This braided style is entwined with pearl hair strands for an elegant and romantic look for Valentine’s Day.

18. Pull Through Heart Hair

pull through heart hair


How stunning is this pull through heart hairstyle? This look works well on long hair and would be perfect for a Valentine’s date day so everyone can admire your look!

19. Valentine’s Day Ponytail Hairstyle Tutorial

valentine's day ponytail


Check out this cute Valentine’s ponytail, topped with a pink hair bow. Perfect for a fun day out with the ladies.

20. Cross My Heart Hairstyle

cross my heart hairstyle


I love the cuteness of this toddler hairstyle, where you tie off the hair with pink elastic ties and crisscross it into a heart shape. Check out the tutorial for a step-by-step guide.



valentines day hair ideas

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