35 Best No Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

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The time has come for pumpkin spice and all things nice. So, if you love to DIY your pumpkins, then here are the best no carve pumpkin decorating ideas you need to try this year!

no carve pumpkin decorating ideas

It’s pumpkin season and there’s a no-carve pumpkin trend happening. 

Pumpkin carving seems to be everyone’s favourite activity over autumn and Halloween, but there’s just something so fun about painting or decorating pumpkins. And you won’t need sharp tools for the kids, so no chance anyone’s getting hurt. 

These no-carve pumpkin decorations are perfect to decorate your party, porch, mantle, or dining table and can be used for many occasions.


1. Rainbow Pumpkins

Somewhere over the rainbow are these adorable painted pumpkins by A Bubbly Life. To think that a few simple paintbrush strokes can make such a bold statement.

Rainbow Painted Pumpkins Halloween

2. Pastel Pumpkins

All you need are some pastel paints and markers to take your pumpkins from boring to boo-tiful! See the tutorial at The Sweetest Digs.

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas Pastel

3. Cactus Pumpkin Decorating

This gorgeous cactus from Craft Create Cook might be tickly, but it won’t be prickly and that’s what matters when crafting with little ones.

No-Carve Cactus Pumpkin

4. Scary Cute No Carve Pumpkins 

I love the pops of pastel pink, black and gold in these super fabulous pumpkins from Fab Fit Fun, they really are scary cute! 

Scary Cute Pumpkins

5. Unicorn No Carve Pumpkin Decorations

‘Unicorns are a girl’s best friend’, or so I think the saying should go. I love unicorns and their ability to make everything feel magical. Best Friends for Frosting knows how to make a pumpkin look dreamy.

unicorn painted no carve pumpkin decorating ideas

6. Ice Cream Cone Pumpkin 

This ice cream pumpkin from Frugal Coupon Living looks good enough to eat, but I wouldn’t advise it. Just place it somewhere for all to admire.

ice cream cone pumpkin

7. Monster Face Pumpkins

The cutest monster faces I’ve ever seen, and Aubree Originals shows you how to paint each face. So, grab your paint palette and get mixing.

monster face pumpkins

8. Plaid No Carve Pumpkins 

These pumpkins from Vintage Meets Glam sure look quite sophisticated in all their plaid glory. 

Plaid Painted No-Carve Pumpkins

9. Glitter Pumpkins 

If you look close enough, you’ll see the glitter sparkle on these pumpkins. The Inspiration Board has a wicked way of sprucing up pumpkins. 

Glitter Pumpkins

10. Watercolour Pumpkins Decorating 

These pretty watercolor splashed pumpkins from Lines Across are so darling, and easy to DIY.

Watercolour Pumpkins

11. Fingerprint Art Pumpkins 

How cute are these pumpkins from Handmade Charlotte? You can turn your little one’s fingerprints into any fun character with some kid-friendly paint.

Fingerprint Art Pumpkins no carve pumpkin decorating ideas

12. Donut Pumpkins

These pumpkins from Studio DIY make me want to take a bite. Create these donut pumpkins and colorful sprinkles with your favourite colour acrylic paints. 

Donut Pumpkins

13. Dripping Paint No Carve Pumpkin Idea 

If you have a Cricut Joy, making these will be a piece of (pumpkin) pie alternatively, these vinyl alphabet stickers will do the trick. House of Joyful Noise shows you how to spookify your pumpkins. 

Dripping Paint DIY Pumpkin

14. Space Pumpkins

Get starry-eyed with this space pumpkin DIY from Adventure in a Box. These pumpkins would be fun for learning about space in the homeschool classroom.

Space Pumpkins

15. Candy Corn Sprinkle Pumpkins

Candy corn is a Halloween staple, so it’s no surprise that these DIY pumpkins from Pencil Shavings Studio fit right in with the season. This is another job for the Cricut machine, but if you don’t own one, cut out sprinkles from some vinyl adhesive stickers.

Candy Corn Sprinkle Pumpkins

16. Sticker Decorated Pumpkins

How easy are these sticker decorated pumpkins to make? A Subtle Revelry makes these ordinary pumpkins shine with these fun patterns. Create your own sparkly design.

Sticker Decorated Pumpkins

17. Candy Covered Pumpkin 

This candy pumpkin from Brie Brie Blooms wouldn’t last long in my house, because my kids would eat all the sweets! I love the seasonal colours of the candy pattern, it brings the plain orange pumpkin to life, and how cute is the free printable? Grab some candy and add even more fun to your Halloween!

Candy Covered no carve pumpkin decorating ideas

18. Party Animal Pumpkins

Studio DIY shows you how to turn your pumpkins into adorable party animals, but make sure you choose a pumpkin with a long enough stem for the nose.

Party Animal no carve pumpkin decorating ideas

19. Party Pumpkins

Here are some party pumpkins from Cloudy Day Gray to add a little fun to your celebration! Half dipped, confetti, dots and a little boo to brighten up your pumpkins!

Party Pumpkins no carve pumpkin decorating ideas

20. Melted Crayon Pumpkin

The kids will love this idea from Color Made Happy. Melting crayons on a pumpkin is a fun and exciting way to DIY your pumpkin with ease.

wax crayons no carve pumpkin decorating ideas

21. Woodland Creature Pumpkins

Simple As That Blog

woodland creature no carve pumpkin decorating ideas

22. Caramel Apple Pumpkins


caramel apple no carve pumpkin decorating ideas

23. Halloween Pumpkins

Party Delights

monster pumpkins no carve decorated

24. Minnie Mouse Pumpkin

Sarah in the Suburbs

Minnie mouse painted no carve pumpkin

25. Winnie The Pooh Pumpkin

Mickey Blog

winnie the pooh painted no carve pumpkins

26. Buzz And Woody Toy Story Pumpkins

As The Bunny Hops

buzz and woody toy story painted no carve pumpkin

27. Frozen Elsa Pumpkin

A Pumpkin And A Princess

elsa frozen no carve pumpkin

28. Belle Beauty And The Beast Pumpkin

Disney Rewards

belle beauty and the beast no carve pumpkin decorating ideas

29. Unicorn Pumpkins

Confetti Idea

unicorn no carve pumpkin decorating ideas

30. Pokémon Pumpkins

The Resourceful Mama

pokemon no carve pumpkin decorating ideas

31. Mickey Mouse Pumpkins

Pretty Providence

mickey mouse no carve pumpkin decorating ideas

32. Forky Pumpkin

As The Bunny Hops

forky toy story no carve pumpkin decorating ideas

33. Sally Skellington

Fun Money Mom

Sally Skellington no carve pumpkin decorating ideas

34. Googly Eye Pumpkin

It All Started With Paint

googly eyes no carve pumpkin decorating ideas

35. Jack Skellington Pumpkin

Fun Money Mom

Jack Skellington no carve pumpkin decorating ideas



no carve pumpkins

This post was all about no carve pumpkin decorating ideas.

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