33 Fun Summer Crafts for Kids to Keep Them Entertained All Season

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Make the most of summer with these fun summer crafts for kids! From DIY suncatchers to paper plate crafts, there’s something for everyone.

summer crafts for kids

Summer is the perfect time to get creative and have fun with your kids! With so much free time and beautiful weather, there’s no better opportunity to engage in some exciting summer arts and crafts activities.

Whether you’re looking for ideas to keep your kids entertained at home or during a long car ride, we’ve compiled a list of fun summer activities for kids that will spark their imagination and creativity!

These summer crafts are not only fun but are easy enough for kids of all ages to do.

So grab your supplies and get ready to make some memories!


1. Mermaid Handprint Craft

Mermaid Handprint Craft

from Simple Everyday Mom

Create an adorable mermaid handprint craft to add some magic to your summer! Kids can craft their unique mermaids with colourful tails and flowing hair using construction paper, scissors, glue, and a simple template.

2. Cupcake Liner Crab

Cupcake Liner Crab

from I Heart Crafty Things

How fun is this cute crab craft? You’ll need red cupcake liners, googly eyes for the crabs and blue and brown paper to create a sandy beach scene. Finish off the beach scene with some shiny sequins.

3. Paper Plate Fish Craft

Paper Plate Fish Craft

from A Little Pinch Of Perfect

Go under the sea with this vibrant paper plate fish craft! Grab some paper plates, blue construction paper, craft paint and a toilet paper roll for the scales.

4. Suncatcher Jellyfish

Suncatcher Jellyfish

from I Heart Arts n Crafts

Jellyfish are so cool, and now you can make one too! You’ll need black construction paper, tissue paper squares and contact paper. You’ll also need long strips of ribbon to create vibrant jellyfish tentacles.

5. Pineapple Finger Painting

Pineapple Finger Painting

from Penny Pinchin Mom

Summer is all about fun and bright colors, just like this pineapple thumbprint art! Using neon paint, have kids press their thumbs onto paper to create the pineapple’s body and paint leaves for a playful summer craft.

6. Paper Plate Crab

Paper Plate Crab

from Crafty Kids At Home

More crabs, more fun! Paint a paper plate, cut it in half, and attach pipe cleaners and googly eyes to create a playful crab, then glue it onto a sandy background.

7. Kids Handprint Jellyfish Art

Kids Handprint Jellyfish Art

from Made To Be A Mom

An easy handprint craft for undersea adventures! Use paint to make colorful handprints on paper, add googly eyes and draw tentacles to create adorable handprint jellyfish.

8. DIY Bubble Wands

DIY Bubble Wands

from Red Ted Art

Make bubble blowers for endless summer fun! Twist pipe cleaners into fun shapes like hearts and stars, add beads for decoration, and dip them in bubble solution for hours of bubbly joy.

9. Summer Paper Crafts For Kids

Summer Paper Craft

from Easy Peasy And Fun

How cute is this 3D beach scene? To create a 3D beach scene, glue a folded paper umbrella and a paper sun onto a card, then add waves and sand with more craft paper.

10. Butterfly Windsock Craft

Butterfly Windsock Craft

from Easy Peasy And Fun

Butterflies are my favorite, and this one is super easy to make! Cut out a butterfly shape from colorful construction paper, stick it onto a toilet paper roll, and add tissue paper to the bottom for a windsock that dances in the breeze.

11. Craft Stick Flower Pots

Craft Stick Flower Pots

from Typically Simple

Recycle some popsicle sticks into vibrant flower pots! Paint or buy popsicle sticks in bright colors, glue them around a tin can, and finish with a decorative ribbon to create a cheerful planter.

12. Wine Cork Cherry Print Craft

Wine Cork Cherry Print Craft

from Crafty Morning

This cherry craft is simple and sweet and can be made by dipping a wine cork in red paint to stamp cherries onto paper. Finish off the look by drawing stems and leaves with green paint or markers.

13. Suncatcher Wind Chimes

Suncatcher Wind Chimes

from Feelin Crafty

If you love suncatchers, you’ll love this easy craft! To make your own suncatcher windchimes, melt colorful and clear beads in the oven, then string them together to create beautiful, sun-catching decorations.

14. Paper Plate Sun & Rainbow Craft

Paper Plate Sun & Rainbow Craft

from Easy Peasy And Fun

Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun! This cheerful sun craft is so cute and easy for kids to make for summer. Add a smiley face to a yellow paper plate with a marker, then attach colorful streamers for a rainbow effect.

15. Pom Pom Painted Watermelon

pom pom painted watermelon

from Happy Toddler Play Time

Here’s another sweet summer craft! Paint stamping is a fun activity for the little ones. Start by gluing two watermelon shapes from green and red paper together, then use a pom-pom dipped in black paint to create the seeds.

16. DIY Kite Summer Craft

from About A Mom

Let’s go fly a kite with this simple kite craft. Decorate with craft paint, and add a tail with streamers or ribbons to enjoy on a breezy summer day.

17. Paper Plate Hot Air Balloon Craft

from Our Kid Things

This hot air balloon craft is perfect for a summer day! Use a paper plate for the balloon, decorate it with vibrant hues, and attach a small paper plate basket to float away on a creative adventure.

18. Paper Plate Beach Ball Craft

from About a Mom

Summer swimming wouldn’t be complete without a beach ball! To make this easy craft, tear construction paper into pieces and glue them onto a paper plate to create a fun, textured beach ball.

19. Sponge Painted Ice Cream Craft

from Happy Toddler Play Time

If you love ice cream, this sponge-painted cone craft is for you! Use sponges and paint to create delicious scoops of ice cream on paper, then add a brown paper cone for a sweet summer treat.

20. Fun Jellyfish Craft for Kids

from I Heart Crafty Things

How fun is this jellyfish craft? You’ll need to decorate a paper bowl with tissue paper and googly eyes, then attach colorful ribbons for tentacles to make a playful jellyfish.

21. Summer Popsicle Craft

from Made With Happy

Here’s another cute summer craft for kids. You can create these popsicles by decorating cut-out shapes with colorful tissue paper and adding a craft stick for the handle. After all, there’s nothing like a popsicle on a hot day!

22. Watermelon Paper Fan Craft

from The Kindergarten Connection

Have some more watermelon fun with these paper fan crafts. Gather paper plates, paint, and markers to create refreshing watermelon fans, perfect for cooling off on a summer day.

23. Paper Lemonade Craft

from Pitter Patter Art

If you need a summer drink, try this refreshing craft. You’ll need construction paper, square sponges and a real straw to create a fun summer drink craft.

24. Paper Plate Flower Craft

from 3 Dinosaurs

If you love wreaths, they’re fun to make for any season. Use a paper plate as the base, paint it green, then decorate it with colored paper flowers to create a beautiful summer wreath.

25. Puffy Paint Ice Cream Cone Craft

from Crafty Morning

This puffy paint craft is easy to make using homemade puffy paint. To create fluffy ice cream, you can make the paint by mixing shaving cream, glue, and food coloring. Paint the scoops on paper cones for a delightful summer treat.

26. Ocean in a Bottle

from A Little Pinch Of Perfect

How relaxing is this ocean sensory bottle? Fill a clear bottle with water, blue food coloring, glitter, and small ocean-themed toys for a calming and mesmerizing sensory experience.

27. Butterfly Kids Card Craft

from Krokotak

This butterfly craft is a fun activity to make for spring and summer. You’ll need colorful construction paper, scissors, and glue to make colorful butterflies. Attach them to cards for a delightful handmade touch.

28. Watermelon Painted Rocks

from Projects With Kids

If you love painted rocks, then try this watermelon rock painting craft. Paint smooth rocks with red, green, and black paint to create adorable watermelon slices, perfect for summer decorations.

29. Crumpled Paper Turtle Craft

from Artsy Craftsy Mom

I just love turtles and this turtle craft with colorful flowers is so cute. Make this with your kids using a paper plate for the shell, and add construction paper shapes for the head, legs, and tail, then decorate the body with crumpled tissue paper.

30. Paper Bowl Ladybug Craft

from I Heart Crafty Things

This ladybug craft is so cute and easy to make! You can paint a paper bowl, and add black paper spots, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners for antennae to create a charming ladybug.

31. DIY Bird Feeder

from The Resourceful Mama

This bird feeder is another fun craft to make with kids! Spread peanut butter on a toilet paper roll, roll it in birdseed, and hang it up to attract birds to your yard.

32. Bubble Wrap Printed Fruit & Veg

from In The Playroom

Bubble wrap is another fun medium to craft with. Paint bubble wrap and press it onto paper to create textured prints of fruits and vegetables, then cut them out for a fun and unique art project.

33. Handprint Sunflower Crafts

from One Little Project

Lastly, we have an easy sunflower handprint craft. Trace and cut out handprints from yellow paper for the petals, then add a brown paper circle for the center. You’ll need a green craft stick for the stem and paper for the leaves.



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  1. These craft ideas are so cute! I would love to do some of these with my kids next week. They have pediatric dentist appointments this week so maybe we will do one of these after as a reward haha. Thanks so much for sharing!

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